A glimpse into the Esplanade food court World

A snap of the coloured glass and the flavours mingled in it _”Esplanade one”
A small view of The Keventers inside Esplanade one
Food everywhere inside Esplanade one

Bhubaneswar : The Esplanade food court isn’t just the biggest food court in the Odisha capital which is located in one of the largest luxury mall, Esplanade One,it too is a cuisine exploring hub where not just the localites but too several others from different parts of the globe venture into this food world.The fact that makes Esplanade food court uncommon from other individual food courts is that under it’s compartment spaces it has a long chain series of different food serving companies such as ‘The Beer Café’, ‘Sigree’ , ‘Baskin Br Robbins’ , ‘Baker’s boutique’, ‘The icecream Dream’ , ‘Giani Ice cream’ , ‘Street foods by Punjab Grill’ , ‘Keventers’ , ‘Chai Break’ , ‘Wow Momo’ , ‘KFC’ , ‘Bombay times’ , ‘Pizza Hut’ , ‘The Pink Glass’ , ‘Amaravathi’ , ‘Café coffee day’, ‘Sugar threads’ and a mexican cuisine house named ‘Behemoth Chilli’s’,Asia seven,Bhubaneswar Taste Factory and so on.

Many aunthentic delicacies that stand out are food counters such as ‘The ice cream dream’ that serves ice cream candies of several flavours.Generally candies can be eaten by holding it with the hands but the ice cream candies melt at the very contact with the human skin,so it is eaten with the help of a wooden spoon or any other.Numerous new flavours such as ‘Tropical Sorbet’, ‘Caramel Praline’ too are available to taste in the icecream candy shop. ‘The pink glass’ serves cold pressed drinks ,it is favourable for people much concerned about health,diet and intake,it too serves power juices,such as D-tox,Rejuvenate,Cleanser,Energizer,Hangover,Super Charged,Create your own blend etc.Along with it the menu is stuffed up with special smoothies,chillers,fruit shakes,milk shakes,bubble teas.

‘Giani Ice-cream’ is a food company which originates back in 1956 at ‘Giani Di Hatti’, ‘Giani’ in punjabi meant “The learned” , a traditional sweetmeat maker,Giani Gurcharan Singh from the then ‘Layallpur’ , now Faislabad in Pakistan set up shop upon migrating to Delhi,in which he served his famous ‘Rabri Faluda’, ‘Mango Shake’.This dedication and uprising value of it’s taste and quality touched the hearts and nerves of the residents of The Old Delhi and in no time ‘Giani Ice-cream’ was a household name.Today ‘Giani Ice-cream’ has a large stock of ice-cream sodas,cassata slices,sorbets,ice cream cakes,protein gelatos,fruit creams,stone sundaes,special faludas,italian gelatos etc.

‘Keventers’ serves sundaes such as ‘passionate plumyum pudding’, ‘caramel obsession’ , ‘unicorn candy’, ‘afterdark fanatasy’, ‘retro romance’, ‘forbidden forest sundae’ , ‘the dark conspiracy’ , ‘guilty pleasure’ and many more.

One of the unique food compartment that stands out is ‘The Amaravathi’ , a 40 year old brand,created by Savera groups in 1980,it’s compartment serves foods of Andhra Pradesh and South India. Special chilly chicken of Guntur, foods from Nellore, delicacies made up of Guntur chilly, Malabar porotta, Pothu porotta, mutton keema dosa, egg chicken keema dosa, chicken pothu porotta.

Mrs Indrani Mohanty,a business woman in the Esplanade Amaravathi franchise describes, “Pothu generally means minced ,in this the malabar porotta and chicken is minced on the ‘tawa’ and the ‘tuck tuck’ sound gives a rapid impression of provoking hunger inside,although the Malabar Porotta isn’t from South but it’s consumed mostly over there.This Pothu Porotta and malabar porotta ,we generally serve this with buttermilk.”Many other unheard South cuisines such as ‘Bisibelabath’,the sambhar rice,  ‘chettinad paneer masala’, ‘Andhra chilly paneer’ , ‘Andhra cut mirchi bajis’ , ‘Minipodi idli’ which are also known as Button idlis made up of ghee or coconut oil and podi masala,a special South Indian masala, small potato biriyan, Medhu vada,Nellore egg curry,Mutton chukka,Chicken vepudu.

The other parts such as ‘Sugar threads’ serves cotton candies of several flavours, ‘The street foods by Punjab grill’ serves big menu bouquets such as ‘Dilli 6 di chaat’, ‘Tikke shikke’ , ‘Kebab sampler’ and many more.Speaking about the over all magnificence of The Esplanade food court , the galleries and its diversities explain it all.Not only a traveller but also an avid foodie should never dare to ignore such a huge place of delicious flavour waves belonging to regions and cultures.


19 September 2019

If you think that the’ politics’ is the only thing that is corrupt,you are wrong. The most promiscuous and wrong can be “the journalism and media industry too”. A hideous persisting truth blatantly ignored and underestimated yet spread across the current day democracy.

My experience in today’s first tv news bulletin, what it takes to present in live tv vs in college tv bulletin.Comparing the both with the power of my imagination.This while the experience made me realise how powerful the words of an anchor can be.

Corruption rises in smaller bits ,the small things that we ignore can become a big isssue…tabrez ansari’s case was highlighted but the rapist of a minor girl in odisha, md mushtaque’s crime report was ignored-we are representing in our own state institution but….we ignore our state mishaps and occurences…while on the process of practicing the script i felt nothing,while presenting i was worried about how i presented the facts and the material and the fact that killed me was , was it really worth presenting.After i heard the Odia news bulletin,not just my senses awakened,i could feel the strong pinch of powerful guilt.This sort of material presentation was an oaky view if elaborated in the fields of college tv presentation but to the nation it would be a cause chaos, ignorance and blunder.As journalism, visual modes and the journalists are the only mass medium of awaring people.On the above it might either enlighten people or blindfold, brainwash them with manipulation and non presentation of facts,it might too have chances of attack on the particular masses or creed -it ultimately doesn’t contribute in bringing up the truth.In the hoard of being the most famous professionals we turn out to be obnoxiously unprofessional.

The Oxford Bookstore trade specialisms in the Symphony,Bhubaneswar

A preview snapshot of the Oxford bookstore location in the symphony mall.

-Aryanaka ayushi krishna

Bhubaneswar : Be it the sale for the highlight of new books written by the Indian authors or organising the literary fests for introducing the new pieces of write-ups,the oxford book store located at the symphony mall ,bhubaneswar  has it all with great wonders of charm not just confined to the world of books but adding to it , it has “Cha-Bar”,a mix of café-bar lounge that serves tea,snacks and other food beverages for killing the boredome of the readers and the visitors.The premises gleam with collections of scented candles,room freshners and many other frankincense boxes with scents of varied flavors and dried flower petals,buddha-lamps and designed home decor lights,skin care products.Those prominences make  it uncommon from the other general book stores and libraries,dragging in several buyers of various age group into its gateways of visits and purchases.

Many recent book releases have been on display ,some of them include ‘Fluid’ by Asish Jaiswal, ‘Those magnificent women and their flying machines,ISRO’s mission to mars’ by Minnie Vaid,other books by international authors like ‘Maestra’ by LS Hilton, ‘The remains of the day’ by Kazuo Ishiguro.Recently “Kalinga literary festival”,a small conglomeration on discussions regarding Odia cinema and literature was held on October 19th,2020,Odia film maker Mr Sabyasachi Mohapatra and renowned author,critic and journalist Mr Kedar Mishra were invited to take over the entire session.Recently the Oxford bookstore announced the book launch of “Satyarth Nayak’s”  book ‘Sri Devi :The eternal screen goddess’ and it was held on January 5th,2020.

“The Oxford bookstore,its headquarters is in Kolkata and there have been many major literary fests and book sales over there throughout the years and the new upcoming fest is said to be ‘The Apeejay Kolkata Literary festival’ ”,says the manager in charge of the Oxford bookstore , Mr Jagadish Behera.The oxford bookstore provides great services to the avid book readers .At the very first purchase it lets it’s customers to fill up minimal credentials so as to have access to it’s short service messages through cell phone for informations regarding it’s special events,new book releases,ongoing discounts on several seasons of the year.

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